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Garosu-gil’s Tree-lined Romance, part 2: Decadent Desserts

August 4, 2010

Welcome back to Garosu-gil, the finest Kaffee Strasse you’ll find this side of Germany:

For those hungry souls unfamiliar with the charms of Garosu-gil and pondering a nice, juicy burger right now (did I read your mind?) go to the previous post in this series to read all about the many restaurants on offer here. After that fantastic burger, its time for dessert!

Garosu-gil’s cafe offerings run the gamut from your chill, hip hangout places like Coffee Smith (above), which offers an excellent open air interior with plenty of space and seats, good music and cheap drinks, ranging from 3,000-5,000. For those of you put off by the considerable prices of Apgujeong’s lunch, dinner and nightlife choices, Garosu-gil is an excellent alternative, cheaper but no less classy.

Mug for Turtle, Cork for Rabbit is a case in point — this place features a cafe on its bottom floor with an array of delicious looking cupcakes and a wine and champagne bar on its upper floor, making it the perfect destination for both your afternoon coffee and your evening bottle of wine — or, for those who like to live a little more wildly, your afternoon bottle of wine and evening coffee. The prices are reasonable in both, and you can get glasses of wine for under 10,000 on the upper story.

Now, I know what you all are really reading this post for. And it’s not the “& coffee”:

Garosu-gil is one of the finest streets in town for finding amazing sweets and treats of every stripe, flavor, texture and fat content (see my post on Ewha for dessert options north of the river). Actually, that’s a lie; the only level of fat content on offer in Garosu-gil is “decadent”:

Goodevening Cupcake has cupcakes of all colors, ingredients, cultures, flavors and hairdos. All of them in cupcake solidarity, celebrating all the diversity that flour, sugar and egg can bring us, and ready to lay down their life for that admirable universal cupcake mission of… well… getting eaten! You can help them fulfill their life’s God-given mission by gobbling one of these badboys down for a mere 4,000 won.

If cupcakes aren’t your cup of tea and you long for a little something more than your standard flour/sugar/water confection, then try out some of Deux Creme’s marvellous tarts, jam-packed with some combination of fruits, nuts, creme, chocolate, meringue and utter deliciousness:

Sexy, huh? After all this cafe and dessert window-shopping, however, what I wanted was a place that would both give me the atmosphere, the quirky decor, and the expertly pressed coffee of a good cafe along with the rich, buttery, loveliness of a good cake, tart, or confection of any variety. Bloom and Goute turned out to be precisely the right place:

The menu of desserts ranging from tarts, cakes, and mousse to brownies, cookies and muffins and the full swath of connoisseurs coffee options is just part of the charm of this lovely cafe…

…but beyond the sweet selection, it’s also the best place nearby for charming, comfortable interiors full of tactful fake foliage that makes the place feel like an indoor secret garden with branching verandas, various nooks for tables, patrons and conversations, and an outdoor balcony that makes for perfect people watching high above the pedestrian streets of Garosu-gil. Or, in this case, equestrian streets (look in the center):

I guess the Ferrari was at the shop.

A little more food porn for your viewing pleasure:

Featured is my fantastic fig tart, rich, moist, fresh and full of fig flavor. Whether you gobble it down or savor the endless joy of fig and cake combined, his heavenly creation will set you back only 4,500, powdered sugar included.

Restaurants, cafes and dessert shops are not the only draw of Garosu-gil. For a little added consumer fun, the street is full of little boutiques, gallery spaces and novelty shops such as this one:

Bookbinders Design is a hipster word-lover’s dream, especially if he or she has a bit of cash at their disposal. Think the American Apparel of notebooks and stationary — you can find any writing supply your heart desires in more bright basic colors than you knew existed:

How to get there:

1.) Go to Sinsa Station, Line 3, and get out at exit 8

2.) Walk down 3 blocks and take a left. You will see a pedestrian street with many restaurants and cafes on it.

3.) Most of the places in this review can be found just by walking down this main street. The map below will help you to find most of them (forgive my scrawled notes on the paper). You can get to Good Evening Cupcake (not on the map) by turning left on the street after Mug for Rabbit, Cork for Turtle (4 blocks from the station, see map) It’s on the right.

    All the other places are marked on the map, below, as well as several others. Enjoy!

    (Special thanks to Seoul Selection for granting me use of their excellent maps)

    Check out the next post for a psychedelic night out in Gangnam!

    This post was originally published at Painting the Passports Brown.
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  1. August 4, 2010 5:56 pm

    Great photos! Can’t get over those blue cupcakes though… I thought humans throughout the world were subliminally pre-programmed before birth to avoid blue-coloured food?

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